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Autor Tópico: The Ultimate Blogging Roadmap 2019 Content Writing Guide  (Lida 15 vezes)

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The Ultimate Blogging Roadmap 2019 Content Writing Guide
« em: 13 de Agosto de 2019, 13:15 »

The Ultimate Blogging Roadmap: 2019 Content Writing Guide
.MP4 | Video: 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | Audio: AAC, 48000 Hz, 2ch | 456 MB
Duration: 1.5 hours | Genre: eLearning | Language: English
A how-to guide for blogging and content writing in 2019 & beyond. Learn the blogging essentials & grow subscribers FAST!

What you'll learn

    Proven process for finding a high-traffic blogging niche
    Easy-to-use template for writing viral-ready blog posts
    The secret to pitching your articles to media outlets and editors
    DO's and DON'Ts for blog writing in 2019 and beyond...
    The easiest method for generating high-traffic blog post ideas on-demand
    Tips and tricks for content writing and blogging


    Laptop or Smartphone


It's 2019 and it seems like nearly everyone has started a blog. Maybe you launched one in the past, or perhaps you're considering it now. Regardless, there are some blogging essentials you NEED TO KNOW if you want to be successsful.

Instead of staying stuck and spinning your wheels, now is the time to get serious about your blog. While the world of blogging has never been more crowded, there's never been a greater opportunity for your blog to stand out.

    If you wish people took your blog more seriously...

    If you're tired of posting inconsistently...

    If you're afraid of starting yet another blog that fails...

    If you want to grow a readership (beyond just a few friends & family)...

    If you're sick of feeling behind the curve and late to the blogging party...

Then, the Ultimate Blogging Roadmap is for YOU. This step-by-step blogging and content writing system is a proven process I've used for over 5 years as a professional blogger and online content writer at some of the world's largest online publications like Huffington Post and the Blaze.

This simple, straightforward blogging system is your opportunity to see behind-the-scenes of what it takes to build a blog and readership that lasts for years.

In this course I'm going to teach you...

    How to pick a high-traffic blogging niche that fits you and your personality

    How to craft the perfect tagline that speaks directly to your target audience

    How to build your blog subscribers and generate massive page traffic (without $)

    How to pitch your blog posts to major media outlets

    How to make a content writing and publishing schedule that fits your schedule

This course is perfect for...


    Content Writing Professionals





By the end of this course you'll have a complete blogging roadmap for generating great content for nearly any situation or assignment.


PDF - The Ultimate Blogging Roadmap - Vision Board

PDF - Full Blog Post Roadmap Template

PDF - 7 Books Every Blogger Should Read

PDF - Writing Tool Links List

What students are saying about my courses...

"Interesting and actionable advice delivered in short clips. You won't get bored..." -BOGDAN MARINCU, UDEMY STUDENT

"It's an amazing course. I want to write blog and there are so many courses I took on this subject but mostly they are about how to build the blog website, niche, SEO tips and setup wordpress but not a single thing how to write on the subject. I love this course and recommend it." -M.Q. FAISAL, UDEMY STUDENT

"Great presentation. The course is informative and inspirational. It was just the motivation I needed to take action." -DIANE BELL, UDEMY STUDENT

"Tyler, the instructor was knowledgeable and easy to understand..." -SABRINA BOOTHE, UDEMY STUDENT

"An excellent course! Well structured, easy to follow and understand!" -SARAH SMITH, UDEMY STUDENT

"This is a premium guide for beginners to pros. If you want to become a pro blogger just enroll and thank me later." -

Furqanhaider, UDEMY STUDENT

"Instructor knows what he is talking about, explains each and everything in detail." -UDEMY STUDENT

"The course was informative, educational and will help me to write my next bestseller. The instructor is young but full of insight with an abundance of energy." -CHRIS, UDEMY STUDENT

"Tyler has a relaxed friendly style..." -DIANNE WILLIAMS, UDEMY STUDENT

"Tyler explained the principles of being a GOOD writer in clear and easy-to-digest lectures. If you're a beginner like me, you'll gain a lot of                                                                                                                                                                                                insight from this course." -MARYAN, UDEMY STUDENT

"As a seasoned copywriter and now blogger, I found Tyler's coverage informative, well-organized, and practical. He explored points particularly relevant to writing in the online community - which I will put to immediate use." -JACKIE, UDEMY STUDENT

Who this course is for:

    Anyone looking too improve their blog
    Anyone wanting to grow subscribers and readership
    Bloggers and writers wanting to publish their articles and build their by-line history
    Copywriters, Content Writers, Authors, and more
    Content marketing professionals and novices
    Anyone interested in starting a blog
    Freelance writers and content writing professionals


Download link:
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