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Autor Tópico: Zuken E3.series 2018 version 19.20 (x64)  (Lida 64 vezes)

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Zuken E3.series 2018 version 19.20 (x64)
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Zuken E3.series 2018 version 19.20 (x64)

Zuken E3.series 2018 version 19.20 (x64) | 3.7 Gb

Zuken has released an update to E�.series 2018 version 19.00. The latest release contains new and enhanced functionality that further increases productivity throughout all phases of engineering, from design to manufacture.

Designer-05808 Verify returns W0013 also for signal-equivalent pins
Designer-11516 Error when creating an attribute when the new internal name already exists as 'displayed name'
Designer-32232 E32Cadstar: Drill holes with a diameter can't be used as contacted and not contacted (for CADSTAR)
Designer-33102 Switching the symbol characteristics deletes active connector pin terminals
Designer-33108 Performance problems at wire connection for a multipolar connector in a Formboard project with cross-section checks
Designer-33109 Panel wiring for signals from corresponding pins is not always complete when signal equivalence is disabled
Designer-33200 'Connect Conductors' command is not executed under certain circumstances
Designer-33208 Double connection of a connector symbol within the symbol graphic of another symbol returns a collision message
Designer-33285 When two % signs or a $ sign is used for the Database Owner within the password at MUSetup, the setup fails
Designer-33294 New device view with active connector pin terminal doesn't work when the connector pin terminals are set automatically
Designer-33302 MIL-symbols of a connector are incorrectly identified as group (mirroring)
Designer-33303 Insufficient information is displayed in the Formboard-table symbol
Designer-33304Cross-references are missing at PDF export
Designer-33328 When executing the command 'Edit points' on a selected field, another field is moved
Designer-33381 Placement of incorrect block symbol
Designer-33388Error at PDF output 'Floating point number too large' in version 2018
Designer-33399 When using a specific language database, project attributes with value lists can't be set
Designer-33405 Inheritance rule of sheet options for device is incorrect
Designer-33407 E3.ReportScripts: BOM: Additional column doesn't return data when the component name differs from the attribute article number
Designer-33410 When default symbols are used as connector view, they are displayed twice within the select dialog
Designer-33412 Terminal plan is not updated immediately
Designer-33425 Moving a model on the base sheet changes the scaling settings of a 2D-view sheet
Designer-33429 "Paste extended" of a structure block with subordinated structure/sheets doesn't work
Designer-33430 When moving a Panel sheet to another block structure node, the internal linking gets wrong
Designer-33433 Functionality [Separate connection lines by opaque attribute texts] in DXFExport.CFG displays lines incorrectly
Designer-33434 Error at DXF/DWG Export with connected connect line and different display properties
Designer-33437 The COM method "Device.Search" doesn't work with "" anymore
Designer-33438 Setting 'area selection' is project-specific instead of user-specific in multiuser
Designer-33443 The COM method "GetBomPartList" filters hierarchical blocks
Designer-33444 Conductors are connected in unexpected order at equivalent pins with specific special cases
Designer-33449 E3.ReportScripts: Default bill of material -Description and manufacturer of components are partially missing
Designer-33458 The SymbolInterface's COM method "Symbol.Place" ignores the scaling factor
Designer-33473 The COM method "dev.GetAttributeValue" returns incorrect value at setting ''all variants''
Designer-33476 Incorrect calculation and display of segment diameters at overbraids
Designer-33480 Error message when connecting a connector without a defined active mating connector shall be changed
Designer-33481 At import of a sub-circuit not all devices are imported although the option ''all'' in variants/options is checked
Designer-33483 Execution of the ''Delete Forced'' command for a clipboard leads to the message "E -Error in Function int __cdecl cmd_structure_delete_node::do_action(void), ret = 4"
Designer-33489 Connections within the same model and with identical Y-coordinate of pins are not routed within panel
Designer-33502 Bad performance at display of variants/options
Designer-33514 When moving a symbol to a connection, the conductor is only 3connected when an attribute text template symbol is placed on the connection
Designer-33517 The same variant can be assigned several times
Designer-33523 It's not possible to assign blocks with different pin number as variant instance
Designer-33527 Component change might end in infinite loop and crash of E3
Designer-33531 Error 'Internal validation found errors....' when saving a project
Designer-33554 Routing over signal on pin ignores the maximum number of conductors when a further signal-equivalent pin is existing
Designer-33555 Unnecessary SIMCON_ITEM messages at component update
Designer-33556 Incomplete DXF-Export with Panel sheet cutouts
Designer-33558 The COM method "Job.SetSettingValue" ( "PANEL_CABLE_DUCT", 12 ) doesn't change the setting
Designer-33563 E3 may crash under certain circumstances when placing a splice's table symbol within a specific project
Designer-33572 At graphical comparison the text order is incorrect when the change can't be positioned differently
Designer-33586 The COM method "GetBomPartList" returns incorrect Boolean expression for variants when ''Only exists'' is active
Designer-33627 E3.ReportScripts: Incorrect connection list regarding connector pin terminals with equivalent pins
Designer-33628 Setting "Use name equivalence additionally" doesn't react when deactivated via settings.cfg
Designer-33646 Display of internal ID's in tooltip and when purging not needed
Designer-33659 When a graphic once was set to 'read-only' in the Settings, the filling can't be changed anymore (even if this setting has been deactivated)
Designer-33665 Sheet region on panel sheet changed after updating model
Designer-33667 Internal validation prevents plugging of two symbols
Designer-33692 Locking of hierarchical blocks withviews leads to crash of E3
Designer-33706 The import of a sub-circuit leads to following error 'E -Internal validation detected some errors. The last action will be undone.'
Designer-33722 COM: GetBomPartsList doesn't return variant information for additional tools

About Zuken E�.series E3.series is a Windows-based, scalable, easy-to-learn system for the design of wiring and control systems, hydraulics and pneumatics. The out-of-the-box solution includes schematic (for circuit and fluid diagrams), cable (for advanced electrical and fluid design), panel (for cabinet and panel layout), and formboard (for 1:1 wiring harness manufacturing drawings). Integrated with MCAD, E3.series is a complete design engineering solution from concept through physical realization and manufacturing output.

About Zuken. Zuken is a global provider of leading-edge software and consulting services for electrical and electronic design and manufacturing. Founded in 1976, Zuken has the longest track record of technological innovation and financial stability in the electronic design automation (EDA) software industry. The company's extensive experience, technological expertise and agility, combine to create world-class software solutions. Zuken's transparent working practices and integrity in all aspects of business produce long-lasting and successful customer partnerships that make Zuken a reliable long-term business partner.

Product: Zuken E�.series
Version: 2018 version 19.20 *
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :

Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer / Server 2008 or 2012
Software Prerequisites: Zuken E�.series 2018 version 19.00 and above
Size: 3.7 Gb


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