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Queen - Live in Hyde Park (1976, DVD5)

Title: Queen - Live in Hyde Park
Year of release: 1976
Genre: Rock
Cast: Queen


Bohemian Rhapsody
Ogre Battle
Sweet Lady
White Queen
Flick Of The Wrist
You're My Best Friend
Bohemian Rhapsody
Killer Queen
March Of The Black Queen
Bring Back That Leroy Brown
Brighton Rock/Son & Daughter '39
Take My Breath Away
The Prophet's Song
Stone Cold Crazy
Keep Yourself Alive
In The Lap Of The Gods (Revisited)

Quality: VHSRip (DVD5)
Video: MPEG-2 Video 720x480 (4:3) 29.97fps 7000Kbps
Audio: English LPCM 2ch 1536Kbps
Total Size: 4.09 GB
Total Time: 01:23:26

Download Hoster:,,,,
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ZZ Top - The Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990 (2013)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
10CD Box Set | 2013, Warner Bros, 8122796642 | ~ 2429 or 875 Mb | Scans -> 117 Mb
Blues Rock / Hard Rock / Southern Rock

Warner's 2013 box set The Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990 rounds up the ten albums ZZ Top recorded for Warner Bros over the course of 20 years: 1971's ZZ Top's First Album, 1972's Rio Grande Mud, 1973's Tres Hombres, 1975's Fandango!, 1976's Tejas, 1979's Deguello, 1981's El Loco, 1983's Eliminator, 1985's Afterburner, and 1990's Recycler. Each album is packaged as a mini LP containing the original artwork, but the real news is that the original LP mixes for ZZ Top's First Album, Rio Grande Mud, and Tejas are presented on CD for the first time, a move that will please all hardcore fans.

Back in 1987, at the dawn of the CD era, ZZ Top released a three-disc box set called 'Six Pack' that included the band's first five albums plus their seventh. Still flush from the mega-success of 1983's 'Eliminator,' and its 1985 follow-up 'Afterburner,' someone decided to take the original recordings from the '70s and remix them with added '80s-style percussion. It wasn't long before every ZZ Top CD for sale came with the newly recorded mechanized drums that helped make 'Eliminator' a hit. One thing 'Tres Hombres' didn't need was robotic percussion.

The 10-disc 'ZZ Top: The Complete Studio Albums (1970-1990)' rights these quarter-century wrongs by reissuing the LPs in their original mixes. And if that means some of them - like 1971's 'ZZ Top's First Album' - sound a bit sludgy, and others - like 1975's part-live 'Fandango!' - aren't as crisp or as clear as you once thought, at least the heavily processed mixes that have plagued the records for years are no longer around.

That leaves you with the music itself. And, as you'll quickly figure out as you plow through this hefty box, ZZ Top were a spotty band during their first 20 years. The first two albums especially ('ZZ Top's First Album' and 1972's 'Rio Grande Mud') are loose, hazy and scattered. The trio didn't really find focus until their terrific third outing, 1973's 'Tres Hombres,' which sounds big, full and powerful in the remastered version here. So do most of the immediate follow-ups to that breakthrough album.

By the time ZZ Top entered the '80s, they were ready for a change. You can hear the seeds of it taking root on 1981's 'El Loco,' but 1983's 'Eliminator' is the record that turned the dust-covered boogie band from Texas into global pop stars. It still sounds like a monster today, charging forward with some of the era's most inventive blend of synth-pop hooks and old-school rock. 'Afterburner' and 1990's 'Recycler' are more of the same, but without the initial knockout punch.

The set is aimed at collectors, with all 10 albums packaged in reproductions of their original sleeves (i.e. the ones that came in gatefolds include gatefolds). Several of the records received aural upgrades over the years restoring their original mixes, so the most devoted fans probably already own them. But this is the first time a handful of them have been available like this and the first time they've all been gathered in one place. 'The Complete Studio Albums' is the most definitive collection of the band's first 20 years. You just have to decide if it's worth purchasing again.

CD1: ZZ Top - ZZ Top's First Album (1970)
01. (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree - 2:35
02. Brown Sugar - 5:25
03. Squank - 2:49
04. Goin' Down To Mexico - 3:24
05. Old Man - 3:27
06. Neighbor, Neighbor - 2:21
07. Certified Blues - 3:28
08. Bedroom Thang - 4:40
09. Just Got Back From Baby's - 4:10
10. Back Door Love Affair - 3:20

CD2: ZZ Top - Rio Grande Mud (1972)
01. Francine - 3:34
02. Just Got Paid - 4:27
03. Mushmouth Shoutin' - 3:49
04. Ko Ko Blue - 4:33
05. Chevrolet - 3:21
06. Apologies To Pearly - 2:40
07. Bar-B-Q - 3:26
08. Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell - 7:21
09. Whiskey'N Mama - 3:21
10. Down Brownie - 2:30

CD3: ZZ Top - Tres Hombres (1973)
01. Waitin' For The Bus - 2:53
02. Jesus Just Left Chicago - 3:30
03. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers - 3:26
04. Master Of Sparks - 3:31
05. Hot, Blue And Righteous - 3:17
06. Move Me On Down The Line - 2:31
07. Precious And Grace - 3:10
08. La Grange - 3:53
09. Shiek - 4:06
10. Have You Heard? - 3:14

CD4: ZZ Top - Fandango! (1975)
01. Thunderbird - 4:10
02. Jailhouse Rock - 1:56
03. Backdoor Medley - 9:52
04. Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings - 2:44
05. Blue Jean Blues - 4:44
06. Balinese - 2:37
07. Mexican Blackbird - 3:06
08. Heard It on the X - 2:26
09. Tush - 2:17

CD5: ZZ Top - Tejas (1976)
01. It's Only Love - 4:24
02. Arrested for Driving While Blind - 3:07
03. El Diablo - 4:21
04. Snappy Kakkie - 2:58
05. Enjoy and Get It On - 3:25
06. Ten Dollar Man - 3:41
07. Pan Am Highway Blues - 3:15
08. Avalon Hideaway - 3:08
09. She's a Heartbreaker - 3:03
10. Asleep in the Desert nstrumental - 3:30

CD6: ZZ Top - Degüello (1979)
01. I Thank You - 3:25
02. She Loves My Automobile - 2:24
03. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide - 4:53
04. A Fool For Your Stockings - 4:17
05. Manic Mechanic - 2:36
06. Dust My Broom - 3:09
07. Lowdown On The Street - 2:50
08. Hi Fi Mama - 2:25
09. Cheap Sunglasses - 4:49
10. Esther Be The One - 3:30

CD7: ZZ Top - El Loco (1981)
01. Tube Snake Boogie - 3:05
02. I Wanna Drive You Home - 4:49
03. Ten Foot Pole - 4:24
04. Leila - 3:18
05. Don't Tease Me - 4:23
06. It's So Hard - 5:12
07. Pearl Necklace - 4:07
08. Groovy Little Hippie Pad - 2:44
09. Heaven, Hell Or Houston - 2:33
10. Party On The Patio - 2:48

CD8: ZZ Top - Eliminator (1983)
01. Gimme All Your Lovin - 4:04
02. Got Me Under Pressure - 4:03
03. Sharp Dressed Man - 4:18
04. I Need You Tonight - 6:19
05. I Got The Six - 2:54
06. Legs - 4:34
07. Thug - 4:19
08. TV Dinners - 3:51
09. Dirty Dog - 4:07
10. If I Could Only Flag Her Down - 3:40
11. Bad Girl - 3:20

CD9: ZZ Top - Afterburner (1985)
01. Sleeping Bag - 4:06
02. Stages - 3:35
03. Wake Up With Wood - 3:50
04. Rough Boy - 4:52
05. Can't Stop Rockin' - 3:04
06. Planet Of Women - 4:07
07. I Got The Message - 3:30
08. Velcro Fly - 3:33
09. Dipping Low (In The Lap Of Luxury) - 3:15
10. Delirious - 3:42

CD10: ZZ Top - Recycler (1990)
01. Concrete And Steel - 3:49
02. Lovething - 3:26
03. Penthouse Eyes - 3:47
04. Tell It - 4:49
05. My Head's In Mississippi - 4:25
06. Decision Or Collision - 4:03
07. Give It Up - 3:34
08. 2000 Blues - 4:45
09. Burger Man - 3:20
10. Doubleback - 3:57

Download link:
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Western Vacation - Steve Vai Presents: Western Vacation (1986/2010)
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+.cue, log) ~ 266.57 Mb | 38:30 | Scans included
Progressive rock | Country: USA | Label: Favored Nations - FN2650-2

In the early 1980's, just after Steve had moved to California, friend and Berklee College of Music classmate Marty Schwartz wrote and recorded Western Vacation in Steve's garage in Sylmar, California. This record captures the harmony and energy of the amazing musicians, friends, family & chicken coop of Steve's first California house.

Western Vacation features Zappa alumni Bob Harris, Tommy Mars and features an amazing guitar solo by Steve "Reckless Fable" Vai. Western Vacation has been fully remixed and remastered and is being met with rave reviews. It is available today for download through iTunes and

"Western Vacation" takes you on a progressive musical journey with uplifting melodic textures and dynamic musicianship! Bob Harris's voice is as sweet as a red velvet cupcake and the melodies on this record are so delicious. This album has been beautifully re-mastered in the "Audio Laundry Mastering Lab" in Steve's Encino studio, from the original 8 track tapes! This deluxe reissue features a wonderful booklet featuring a essay from Steve Vai and legendary writer and publicist Laurel Fishman.

Listen to Western Vacation and see if you can be transported to the idyllic 1980's in Sylmar. "This captures that time and place with those wonderful friends," -Steve Vai.

Track List:
1. Western Vacation (M. Schwartz) - 6:55
2. Nocturnal Emissions (M. Schwartz) - 2:05
3. Fast Note People (B. Harris, M. Schwartz) - 4:01
4. Send Us More Light (B. Harris, M. Schwartz) - 4:22
5. Patty (M. Schwartz) - 4:44
6. The Velvet Line (B. Harris, M. Schwartz) - 5:31
7. Delicious (T. Mars) - 3:12
8. Borrowed Time (B. Harris, M. Schwartz) - 4:30
9. Burning Flame (B. Harris, M. Schwartz) - 3:07

Backing Vocals - Suzannah Harris (1)
Bass - Jac Mihanovic (1,3,5,6,8)
Bass - Stu Hamm (2,4)
Drums, Percussion - Chris Frazier (1,2,3)
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Voice [Cowboys] - Martin Schwartz
Soloist [1st] - Martin Schwartz (1)
Keyboards, Backing Vocals - Tommy Mars
Saxophone - Ric Cunningham (1)
Soloist [Long Guitar Solo] - Reckless Fable [Steve Vai] (1)
Vocals [Lead & Background] - Bob Harris (1)
Voice [Cowboys] - Mike O'Brien (1)
Backing Vocals - Jarrett Renshaw, Suzannah Harris
Vocals - Bob Harris
Backing Vocals - Bob Harris
Marimba - Brad Dutz (3)
Saxophone - Ric Cunningham (6)
Keyboards - Scott Collard (8)
Trumpet - Bob Harris (8)

Download link:
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Wazoo - Wazoo (1970/2006)
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+.cue, log) ~ 314.83 Mb + 59.18 Mb (Scans) | 48:42
Psychedelic Rock, Jazz Rock | Label: World In Sound - WIS-1033

This group from the Detroit area is probably the weirdest experimental psych outfits from 1970. Originally the band was hired by "Zig Zag Records" to record cover tunes and easy listening, with the intention, "We're just doing whatever we want," the result was an overdosed rock concept album... "to give the music back to the people". Original copies are rare and pretty unknown among psych collectors until now! The 7 songs with an average length of 7 mins combine different styles of music, from heavy garage rock to bluesy westcoast, drifting into various tripped-out, funk, jazz, fusion elements with humorous/social comments.

Structure, feeling and complexity can be compared to experimental Krautrock, while the group´s basic sound is represented better by end-60s US Hippie Rock as Country Joe & the Fish or The Head Shop (WIS-1024) with its excessive fuzz guitar work, Farfisa organ, amazing vocals by Cleveland´s "Bocky" and several additional instruments, sax, harpsichord, cello, percussion, bells.... Studio work is pretty tricky, lots of unexpected mixing and experiments, with flashes of UK´s legendary "White Noise".

This CD issue contains a 12 p. colour booklet with a band´s bio, and the cool original album design, made by John Williams who also worked for Zappa - so it can be assumed which influences Zappa used for his 1972, "Grand Wazoo" album?!? Wazoo presents at the highest level of musicianship free & atmospheric rock - a unique kind of musical renaissance! - Discover it, it´s a unique piece of early 70s psychedelia!

Track List:
1 The Beginning / Grand Ol' Land 8:30
2 Slip On 4:50
3 The Way I See It 11:18
4 Sleep On 7:33
5 Concert 1:40
6 Arnie Funny Far Fackor 5:00
7 BH Man 9:47
8 Grand Ol' Land

George - Sax, Backup vocals
Rocky - Lead vocal, Percussion
John Frega - Bass, Backup vocals
Vince Scalabrino - Drums, Backup vocals
Jim Finnan - Keyboards, Trumpet, Cello, Backup vocals
Felix - Guitar and Lead Vocal on track 3

Download link:
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VKNG - Illumination (2015)
XLD | FLAC (tracks+.cue) | 00:37:41 | 241 MB
Electronic, Rock, Pop | Label: Naive

VKNG (prononcé Viking) est le fruit de la rencontre inattendue entre Maxime Delpierre et Thomas de Pourquery. Le premier, guitariste/producteur, ayant travaillé notamment avec Damon Albarn et Mick Jones, le second, chanteur/saxophoniste/compositeur, figure majeure du jazz européen et ayant signé des collaborations avec Oxmo Puccino et Metronomy. Un vent de douce folie semble avoir soufflé sur la tête des deux musiciens qui se lancent ici dans une aventure musicale éloignée de ce qu'ils ont l'habitude de faire, signant un album d'electro pop dansante et barrée à souhait. Le résultat est tout bonnement jouissif, digne des plus grandes productions du genre du moment et il semble évident que les deux artistes ont pris leur pied en concoctant cette mixture de tubes festifs. Les deux français parviennent à conquérir avec brio un territoire musical habituellement occupé par les anglophones. Cocorico !

01. VKNG - Illumination
02. VKNG - Girls Don't Cry Featuring Olivia Merilahti
03. VKNG - Killing in the Name of God
04. VKNG - First Pop
05. VKNG - Mary
06. VKNG - Don't Stop
07. VKNG - We Are the Ocean
08. VKNG - More
09. VKNG - The Price / Lonely Golden Boy [Ghost Track]

Download link:
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VA - Rough Inna Town: The Xterminator Sound (2002) {Xterminator/Maximum Pressure}
EAC Rip | FLAC with CUE and log | scans | 565 mb
MP3 CBR 320kbps | RAR | 249 mb
Genre: reggae, dancehall, dub

Rough Inna Town: The Xterminator Sound is a 2002 compilation CD of reggae, dancehall, and dub music and artists.  It focuses on the Xterminator label known for its roster and production team, with music by Luciano, Sizzla, Coca Tea, Jah Cure, and many others. Xterminator released this through the Maximum Pressure label.

1. Coco Tea & Luciano - Rough Inna Town    
2. Sizzla - Life's Road    
3. Luciano - Love Jah And Live    
4. Luciano & Capleton - Jah Kingdom    
5. Chezidek - Harvest Time    
6. Sizzla & Ninjaman - Who Is Laughing    
7. Luciano - Gunzalis    
8. The Xterminator Crew - Gunzalis Dub    
9. Ini Kamoze - Hill And Gully Ride (Remix)    
10. Mikey General - Many Have Fallen    
11. Luciano, Charlie Chaplin & Josey Wales - Rebel With A Cause    
12. Sizzla - As For Now    
13. Jah Cure - Trod In The Valley    
14. Ini Kamoze - How U Livin    
15. Mutabaruka & Luciano - Psalms 24    
16. Malachi - & Turbulence - We Pray Jah    
17. L.M.S. - We Will Make It    
18. The Xterminator Crew - Repatriation Dub

Download link:
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VA - Mojo Presents: Let's Shake Hands - A Third Man Records Anthology (2019)
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+log+.cue) - 292 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 111 Mb | 00:48:22
Blues Rock | Label: Mojo Magazine

15 incredible tracks from Jack White's Third Man vault. Acts include The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, Alabama Shakes, Bush Tetras, Joshua Hedley, A-Moms and more.

1. The Greenhornes - Saying Goodbye
2. Jake Wood - Born To Wander
3. The Raconteurs - Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
4. Bush Tetras - Neverending Hum
5. A-Moms - Strawberry Cheesecake
6. Todd Albright - Savannah Mama
7. The White Stripes - Let's Shake Hands (Alternate Take)
8. Teddy And The Rough Riders - I Found Somethin'
9. Lillie Mae - Loaner
10.Joshua Hedley - Mr. Jukebox
11.The Dead Weather - Forever My Queen
12.Alabama Shakes - Be Mine
13.Kelley Stoltz - Storms
14.David Nance Group - Meanwhile
15.The White Stripes - Signed D. C.

Download link:
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The Moody Blues - Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (1971)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
1986 | Decca, 820 160-2 | ~ 208 or 95 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 52 Mb
Progressive Rock / Art-Rock

The best-realized of their classic albums, Every Good Boy Deserves Favour was also the last of the group's albums for almost a decade to be done under reasonably happy and satisfying circumstances - for the last time with this lineup, they went into the studio with a reasonably full song bag and a lot of ambition and brought both as far as time would allow, across close to four months (interrupted by a tour of the United States right in the middle). Virtually everywhere you listen on this record, the lush melodies and the sound of Michael Pinder's Mellotron (augmented here by the Moog synthesizer and a brace of other instruments) just sweep over the music, and where they don't, Justin Hayward's guitar pyrotechnics on pieces like "The Story in Your Eyes" elevate the hard rocking side of the music, in tandem with John Lodge's muscular bass work - which still leaves plenty of room for a cello here, and a grand piano there, on top of Ray Thomas' flute, and Graeme Edge's ever more ambitious percussion. "Emily's Song." "Nice to Be Here," and "My Song" are among the best work the group ever did, and "The Story in Your Eyes" is the best rock number they ever cut, with a bracing beat and the kind of lyrical complexity one more expected out of George Harrison at the time. Sad to say, the group would never be this happy with an album again - at least not for a lot of years - or with their commitment to being a group, though they would leave one more highly worthwhile album before taking a hiatus for most of the rest of the 1970s.


01. Procession [04:43]
02. The Story In Your Eyes [02:56]
03. Our Guessing Game [03:34]
04. Emily's Song [03:42]
05. After You Came [04:33]
06. One More Time To Live [05:41]
07. Nice To Be Here [04:23]
08. You Can Never Go Home [04:14]
09. My Song [06:19]

Download link:
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The Collectors - The Collectors (1968) [Reissue 2004]
EAC Rip | WavPack (image+.cue+log) - 235 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 90 MB | Covers - 21 MB
Genre: Progressive/Psychedelic Rock | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Collectors' Choice Music (CCM-499-2)

Behind this superb Art Nouveau artwork sleeve is hiding one of the true, hidden and forgotten gems of Canada. To achieve this kind of perfection as a first try, back in the late 60's is simply astounding (the only had a few singles beforehand). Bill Henderson and Claire Lawrence (the main core of the group) make a fantastic songwriting partnership that will last a few albums. All this sounds very seventies-like, but the sound is clearly that from a sixties beat-band/psychedelic-band on fire. Perhaps a bit like the Beatles, some Doors. Recommended to every-one interested in psychedelic rock, early progressive rock and the development of the genre itself.

01. What Is Love
02. She (Will-O-the-Wind)
03. Howard Christman's Older
04. Lydia Purple
05. One Act Play
06. What Love (Suite)

Total time: 38:35

Download link:
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Tara MacLean - Deeper (2019)
WEB FLAC (Tracks) - 295 MB | Cover | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 120 MB | 00:50:30
Indie Pop, Folk | Label: Tara MacLean
Tara MacLean is a singer, songwriter, and award winning recording and touring artist. From break-out pop hits ("If I Fall") to country-crossover ("Happy Baby") her style is reflective of her deep roots in Gospel and the Folk Music of her East Coast Canadian upbringing. She has been signed with Nettwerk, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Capitol Records and EMI Canada (with her band Shaye). Her three solo albums were released to high acclaim, garnering extensive film and television placements, as well international touring and radio play.


01. Edge of the Sea
02. Ghosting Me
03. Palace
04. Wildfire
05. Love Never Dies
06. Beneath the Path of Crows
07. Lovesong
08. Deeper
09. Shattered
10. Not Enough
11. Changing Tide
12. Gently Down the Stream

Download link:
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Syndicate Of Sound - Little Girl: The History of The Syndicate Of Sound (1994)
EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 354 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 138 Mb | Scans ~ 167 Mb
Garage Rock, Psychedelic | Label: Performance | # PERF 399-2 | Time: 01:00:15

"Little Girl" is a rock & roll classic. With its sneering vocals, vague threats, crude chords and rhythms, it's a menacing, swagger masterpiece of garage rock. It's also the only good thing the Syndicate of Sound ever recorded. Little Girl - The History of the Syndicate of Sound compiles nearly everything the group recorded, yet none of it comes close to matching the power of their hit single; it's a mess of weak originals and limp covers. The patience of even the most dedicated garage rock fan will be tested by the disc.

This CD comes from Performance Records, a New Brunswick, New Jersey operation that began in the 1980s specializing in re-releases of 1960s music and contains: 1. Little Girl; 2. Games; 3. Rumors; 4. Dream Baby; 5. Big Boss Man; 6. I'm Alive; 7. Mary; 8. Get Outta My Life; 9. Keep It Up; 10. Upper Hand; 11. You; 12. You're Lookin' Fine; 13. Change The World; 14. Brown Paper Bag; 15. Mexico; 16. First To Love You; 17. Reverb Beat; 18. Prepare For Love; 19. Tell The World; 20. Saturday Night; 21. Way Over There; 22. Memphis Underground. The sound reproduction quality is quite good and it comes with an insert containing background notes by Jud Cost.

The subject of the CD, The Syndicate Of Sound, is among those now regarded in U.S. Pop musical history as being among the so-called "Garage Bands" - a tag based upon the thinking that many had honed their skills in family garages - which had their heyday from about 1963 to 1967 when literally hundreds appeared on the scene. Most never amounted to much, some enjoyed modest to quite decent results (e.g. The Kingsmen of Louie, Louie fame), while others had to settle for primarily one notable song. Such is the case with this band which began with vocalist/guitarist/horn player Don Baskin (born in Honolulu on October 9, 1946), vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist John Sharkey (born in L.A. on June 8, 1946), lead guitarist Larry Ray (born in San Francisco on September 12, 1945), bassist Bob Gonzales (born in San Jose on February 14, 1947) and drummer John Duckworth (born in Missouri on November 18, 1946).

After winning a trip to L.A. and a 1965 recording session at Del-Fi Records, their first release was Prepare For Love b/w Tell The World (Del-Fi 4305) which did fairly well on a regional basis. In January 1966 they then recorded the snarly, menacing Little Girl, written by Baskin, Gonzalez and Sharkey, which was released b/w You as Hush 1, a tiny San Francisco operation. When KLIV in San Jose began giving it considerable airplay, the resulting demand was beyond Hush's capabilities so in stepped the NYC-based Bell Records and by late June-early July it was peaking at # 8 Billboard Pop Hot 100 as Bell 640.

That led to the LP "Little Girl" (Bell 6001) which, with Ray replaced by lead guitarist Jim Sawyers, contains: 1. Big Boss Man (2:55); 2. Almost Grown (2:13); 3. So Alone (3:05); 4. Dream Baby (2:34); 5. Rumors (2:06); 6. Little Girl (2:25); 7. That Kind Of Man (2:18); 8. I'm Alive (2:21); 9. You (2:42); 10. Lookin' For The Good Times (The Robot) (2:26); 11. Witch (2:33); 12. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby? (2:29). Tracks 2, 3, 7 and 10 to 12 are not included in this CD. Rumors then became their follow-up single and in Aug-Sept 1966 it topped out at # 55 Hot 100 b/w the non-LP cut The Upper Hand as Bell 646 - not a huge hit but one that removes them from any One-Hit Wonder stigma as far as I'm concerned.

It was also around this time that Duckworth had received his draft notice, his replacement being Carl Scott, but unfortunately neither of the two following singles could get them back on the charts: Keep It Up b/w Good Time Music (Bell 655) and That Kind Of Man b/w Mary (Bell 666) both in 1967. At this stage Sharkey departed. Their last kick at the can came 3 years later in April 1970 when Brown Paper Bag got to # 73 as Buddah 158 b/w Reverb Beat. Not long after the band broke up. In 1988 their sound received renewed interest when Performance issued a 16-track LP (see the Comments below), and in 1990 Baskin, Gonzalez and Duckworth put the band together again to play on the "Oldies" circuit, joined in 2005 by original lead guitarist Larry Ray. A year later The Syndicate Of Sound was among the initial inductees into the San Jose Rock Hall of Fame.


01. Little Girl (2:30)
02. Games (2:43)
03. Rumors (2:09)
04. Dream Baby (2:38)
05. Big Boss Man (2:57)
06. I'm Alive (2:23)
07. Mary (2:40)
08. Get Outta My Life (2:44)
09. Keep It Up (2:54)
10. The Upper Hand (2:17)
11. You (2:48)
12. You're Lookin' Fine (3:11)
13. Change The World (4:39)
14. Brown Paper Bag (2:19)
15. Mexico (2:26)
16. First To Love You (2:35)
17. Reverb Beat (2:19)
18. Prepare For Love (2:47)
19. Tell The World (2:33)
20. Saturday Night (2:50)
21. Way Over There (2:47)
22. Memphis Underground (3:07)

Download link:
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Sweet - The Best Of Sweet (1992)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Capitol, CDP 7 80324 2 7 | ~ 418 or 145 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 29 Mb
Rock / Glam

Recollections of Britain's arch-glam gods generally inspire two theories of their producers, Mike Chapman and his partner, Nicky Chinn. Either they knew just what they were doing and calculated accordingly, or blindly hit pay dirt, following toothless early singles like "Funny Funny" (none of which grace this disc). By this reckoning, Sweet was a '70s-era pinup band or a closeted hard rock quartet who only got their due after breaking the Chapman/Chinn combination. Actually, the truth lies in between; once the producers realized that fans wanted a tougher sound, they only needed the right song to burst the floodgates open, and stardom would beckon. That song turned out to be "Little Willy," which drew inspiration from late vocalist Brian Connolly's never-ending nightclubbing and sparked a remarkable run of 14 hit singles, including 11 that topped the British charts. Most of them are here, including "Wig Wam Bam," "Blockbuster," and the oft-covered "Ballroom Blitz," which provided a vivid, legitimate soundtrack to listeners' daily dreams and frustrations. The middle period following Chapman and Chinn's 1975 departure is well-represented by "The Lies in Your Eyes," the classic backhanded groupie putdown "Fox on the Run," "The 6-Teens," and the oft-covered "Action," a Top 20 U.S. hit in 1976. By then, the group's meld of high harmonies to a bullish, if somewhat slick, hard rock attack was well-established, extending Sweet's reach beyond their die-hard British turf. The group's last real Top Ten hit, 1978's "Love Is Like Oxygen," showed them toning down the decibels for lusher, more pop-oriented territory, as did "Mother Earth," an acoustic-based winner from Cut Above the Rest, the underrated 1979 album recorded following Connolly's departure for an unsuccessful solo career. The story essentially ended afterward, though the group kept recording into the '80s, while the '90s saw Connolly and Scott lead dueling versions of the band, with themselves being the only original member. This compilation does manage the tricky task of balancing hits and lesser-known songs, so it's a decent affair, but newcomers might still want to seek out Desolation Boulevard (1975) and Give Us a Wink, which remain the group's heaviest albums.


01. Little Willy [03:15]
02. Wig-Wam Bam [03:02]
03. Blockbuster [03:13]
04. The Ballroom Blitz [04:03]
05. Teenage Rampage [03:35]
06. The 6-Teens [04:04]
07. Fox On The Run [03:25]
08. Action [03:20]
09. The Lies In Your Eyes [03:47]
10. Lost Angels [04:04]
11. Fever Of Love [04:02]
12. Stairway To The Stars [03:05]
13. Love Is Like Oxygen [03:47]
14. California Nights [03:44]
15. Mother Earth [06:32]
16. Sixties Man [04:08]

Download link:
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Stevie Wonder - Innervisions (1973)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
1991 | Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, UDCD 554 | ~ 264 or 105 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 21 Mb
Rhythm & Blues, Funk, Soul

When Stevie Wonder applied his tremendous songwriting talents to the unsettled social morass that was the early '70s, he produced one of his greatest, most important works, a rich panoply of songs addressing drugs, spirituality, political ethics, the unnecessary perils of urban life, and what looked to be the failure of the '60s dream - all set within a collection of charts as funky and catchy as any he'd written before. Two of the highlights, "Living for the City" and "Too High," make an especially deep impression thanks to Stevie's narrative talents; on the first, an eight-minute mini-epic, he brings a hard-scrabble Mississippi black youth to the city and illustrates, via a brilliant dramatic interlude, what lies in wait for innocents. (He also uses his variety of voice impersonations to stunning effect.) "Too High" is just as stunning, a cautionary tale about drugs driven by a dizzying chorus of scat vocals and a springing bassline. "Higher Ground," a funky follow-up to the previous album's big hit ("Superstition"), and "Jesus Children of America" both introduced Wonder's interest in Eastern religion. It's a tribute to his genius that he could broach topics like reincarnation and transcendental meditation in a pop context with minimal interference to the rest of the album. Wonder also made no secret of the fact that "He's Misstra Know-It-All" was directed at Tricky Dick, aka Richard Milhouse Nixon, then making headlines (and destroying America's faith in the highest office) with the biggest political scandal of the century. Putting all these differing themes and topics into perspective was the front cover, a striking piece by Efram Wolff portraying Stevie Wonder as the blind visionary, an artist seeing far better than those around him what was going on in the early '70s, and using his astonishing musical gifts to make this commentary one of the most effective and entertaining ever heard.


01. Too High [4:37]
02. Visions [5:24]
03. Living For The City [7:22]
04. Golden Lady [5:04]
05. Higher Ground [3:42]
06. Jesus Children Of America [4:11]
07. All In Love Is Fair [3:42]
08. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing [4:45]
09. He's Misstra Know-It-All [5:38]

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Steve Winwood - Arc Of A Diver (1980)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
1993 | Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, UDCD 579 | ~ 256 or 109 Mb | Scans Included
Soft Rock, Pop Rock
Utterly unencumbered by the baggage of his long years in the music business, Winwood reinvents himself as a completely contemporary artist on this outstanding album, leading off with his best solo song, "While You See a Chance." Winwood also plays all the instruments.


01. While You See A Chance [5:13]
02. Arc Of A Diver [5:29]
03. Second-Hand Woman [3:41]
04. Slowdown Sundown [5:27]
05. Spanish Dancer [6:00]
06. Night Train [7:50]
07. Dust [6:19]

Download link:
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Spotlights - Love & Decay (2019)
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+log+.cue) - 378 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 127 Mb | 00:55:26
Post-Metal, Progressive Metal, Doomgaze | Label: Ipecac Recordings
Brooklyn three piece Spotlights are back with their third album entitled Love & Decay. The partnership in love and life of Mario (guitar/vocals) and Sarah Quintero (bass/vocals) now officially joined by touring drummer Chris Enriquez. When Aaron Harris (ISIS/Palms) heard the Spotlights track 'Walls' he shared it with fellow Palms member and Deftones frontman, Chino Moreno. This in turn led to a tour with Deftones and shared stages with the likes of Melvins, Quicksand, Hum, Glassjaw and Pelican. Before long, Mike Patton was on the case to bring them to the Ipecac Recordings roster.

Throughout Love & Decay, the production is outstanding and even more impressive when you find out Mario handled these duties himself at his home studio. Mario explains the background to these nine songs, "The Age of Decay encapsulates everything we do on this record...The Juxtaposition about love against this backdrop of a world that can be hard to deal with. It's tangible, it's intense. It's beautiful. There's an impending darkness underneath everything and a sense of unease, but it's also honest and vulnerable."

1. Continue The Capsize (05:32)
2. The Particle Noise (04:57)
3. Far From Falling (07:28)
4. Until The Bleeding Stops (05:28)
5. Xerox (03:24)
6. The Age of Decay (05:24)
7. Mountains Are Forever (05:41)
8. The Beauty of Forgetting (10:54)

Download link:
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Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - Sonny & Brownie (1973)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
1995 | Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, UDCD 641 | ~ 262 or 109 Mb | Scans Included
In a way, this is the veteran duo's version of Fathers and Sons, a meeting of old black bluesmen with young white admirers that Muddy Waters and Otis Spann cut with Mike Bloomfield and Paul Butterfield. John Mayall and John Hammond, Jr. are among the "youngsters" on this powerful statement that includes a definitive version of Randy Newman's wickedly subtle anti-slavery tune "Sail Away." Sonny Terry's trademark whoops are energizing. The repartee between him and Brownie McGhee might convince you they were fast friends if you didn't know otherwise.


01. People Get Ready [4:00]
02. Bring It on Home to Me [3:34]
03. You Bring Out the Boogie in Me [2:49]
04. Sail Away [3:59]
05. Sonny's Thing [2:10]
06. White Boy Lost in the Blues [5:05]
07. The Battle Is Over [2:47]
08. Walkin' My Blues Away [3:58]
09. Big Wind [3:06]
10. Jesus Gonna' Make It Alright [3:16]
11. God and Man [3:51]
12. On the Road Again [6:03]

Download link:
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Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends (1968)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
1998 | Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, UDCD 732 | ~ 171 or 70 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 25 Mb
Folk-Rock / Classic Rock

Simon & Garfunkel quietly slipped Bookends, their fourth album, into the bins with a whisper in March 1968. They are equal collaborators with producer/engineer Roy Halee in a multivalently layered song cycle observing the confusion of those seeking an elusive American Dream, wistfully reflecting on innocence lost forever to the cold winds of change. Bookends opens with an acoustic guitar stating a theme, slowly and plaintively. It erupts into the musical dissonance that introduces "Save the Life of My Child." Its uneasy rock & roll frames highly metaphorical and ironic lyrics and a nursery rhyme bridge. "America" is a folk song with a lilting soprano saxophone in its refrain as a small pipe organ paints acoustic guitars, framed by the ghostly traces of classic American Songbook pop structures. Two people travel the landscape by bus searching for the track's subject, eventually discovering that everyone else on the freeway is too. Its sophisticated harmonic invention is toppled by its message; "America" becomes an ellipsis, a cipher, an unanswerable question. "Overs," a study about the end of a relationship, contains Halee's ingenious use of sound: lighting a cigarette and inhaling and exhaling its smoke underscore the story told by the melody and lyrics. In a two-minute field recording of the voices of old people collected from nursing homes by Garfunkel, disembodied voices reveal entire lifetimes in a few seconds. "Old Friends" carries the message deeper. Simon's image of two old men sitting on a park bench sharing memories and their fears of the changes surrounding them is indelible. A horn section threatens to interrupt their reverie, reflecting the chaos they perceive, but is warded off as the gentle melody returns and fades into the album's opening theme. In "Fakin' It," Simon reveals the falsity inherent in modern life - it's better to appear to have it together than reflect the struggle of not being able to: "This feeling of fakin' it/I still haven't shaken it/I know I'm fakin' it/I'm not really makin' it." The album's final three tracks, "Mrs. Robinson" (the iconic theme song from the film The Graduate), "A Hazy Shade of Winter," and the album's concluding track, "At the Zoo," offer a tremblingly bleak vision of the future rooted in the lives of everyday people who "fake it," living an illusory dream publicly while trembling with confusion and fear in private (no matter one's generation), subverting the Madison Avenue notion of the "generation gap" simply and honestly. Bookends' problematic, disillusioned themes, sometimes disguised in wry humor, striking arrangements, and augmented orchestral instrumentation, portray the sounds of people in an American life that they no longer understand, or understands them. Simon & Garfunkel never overstate; instead they observe, almost journalistically, enormous life and cultural questions in the process of them being asked. In just over 29 minutes, Bookends is stunning in its vision of a bewildered America in search of itself.


01. Bookends Theme [0:33]
02. Save the Life of My Child [2:49]
03. America [3:36]
04. Overs [2:17]
05. Voices of Old People [2:07]
06. Old Friends [2:35]
07. Bookends Theme [1:23]
08. Fakin' It [3:19]
09. Punky's Dilemma [2:16]
10. Mrs. Robinson [4:04]
11. A Hazy Shade of Winter [2:18]
12. At the Zoo [2:24]

Download link:
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Sarah Brightman - The Very Best Of 1990-2000 (2001)
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 395 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 145 Mb | Scans ~ 97 Mb
Vocal Pop, Classical Crossover | Label: EastWest | # 8573 88362-2 | Time: 01:03:12
2001 compilation released to complete the New Age/Operatic diva's deal with EastWest overseas. It's packed with 16 outstanding tracks from her successful 10 years on the label, including all of her biggest and best singles, along with a previously unreleased version of 'The Last Words You Said' with Richard Marx guesting from her landmark 1998 crossover album Eden. From 'Time To Say Goodbye' to 'Captain Nemo' to 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale', you'll find all of the sultry soprano's greatest songs on this disc.

Sarah Brightman crossed over from showtunes to ethereal pop over the years, changing her image with nearly every album. From the velvety grandeur of "Eden" to the sparkling "La Luna" to the surreal "Fly." Several of the best songs from the 1990-2000 period are included here, and except for a few omissions, it's a top-rate collection of singles.

It kicks off with two songs from her early pop period, the epic "Question of Honour" and organ-dominated "Heaven is Here." There's also a cover of the Bee Gees' "First of May." Then she dips into the melancholy "Who Wants to Live Forever," the rich "Tu Quiere Volver," the rich "Just Show Me How to Love You" and the pretty duet with Andrea Bocelli, "Time to Say Goodbye."

Then it's time for a look at Brightman's more recent creations. These songs tend to be more textured and symphonic, and less spacey. There's the hymnlike, vaguely sexy "Eden," ethereal "Nella Fantasia," the soaringly earthy "Deliver Me," and the aching "Only an Ocean Away." Taking on a more ethereal sound is the soft "Scarborough Fair," and richly psychedelic "Whiter Shade of Pale," followed by live versions of of "Captain Nemo" and "Mer." It wraps up on a sweet note with the silky, murmuring "The Last Words You Said."

Brightman has a good enough track record - and a long enough career - that it's hard not to wish for a two-disc set of her best songs from that era. With this release, Brightman has a chance to smooth over some of her odder past songs (like that Tom Jones duet) and focus just on the best she did in every album during that ten-year period. Some of her songs seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle. For example, where is the beautiful "Desert Rose"?

However, the musical arrangements are impeccable - there's some electronica, orchestral pieces, and "Tu Quiere Volver" is lorded over by an acoustic guitar. Brightman also gets to show the full range of her vocals - she sings sweetly or richly, and launches into operatic solos in songs like "Question of Honour."

And unlike a lot of "best of" albums, this is also a good place for newbies to start checking out Brightman's work. Die-hard Brightman fans will have everything but the live tracks, yet this is still a good collection.


01. A Question Of Honour Part 2 (Radio Edit) (05:17)
02. Heaven Is Here (04:03)
03. Who Wants To Live Forever (With The London Symphony Orchestra) (03:54)
04. Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) (With Andrea Bocelli) (04:04)
05. Tu Quieres Volver (Radio Remix Version) (With The London Symphony Orchestra) (03:47)
06. Just Show Me How To Love You (Tu Cosa Fai Starsera) (With The London Symphony Orchestra and José Cura) (03:58)
07. Eden (03:59)
08. Nella Fantasia (03:38)
09. Deliver Me (04:00)
10. Only An Ocean Away (04:54)
11. Scarborough Fair (04:10)
12. A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Radio Edit) (03:11)
13. First Of May (02:54)
14. Captain Nemo (Live Version) (03:29)
15. La Mer (Live Version) (02:58)
16. The Last Words You Said (Previously Unreleased) (feat. Richard Marx) (04:10)

Download link:
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Roya - Roya (2017)
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+.cue, log) ~ 208.40 Mb | 36:10 | Scans included
Indie Rock | Label: Burger Records - BRGR1033
On one hand, there's nostalgia, and on the other, there's the knowledge that sometimes they just got it right a few decades ago. Roya's upbeat, jangly indie pop has a very '60s-sounding tone on their self-titled debut album, but Rahill Jamalifard doesn't sound like your typical girl group-era vocalist, and that's obviously how she wants it. Jamalifard possesses the requisite amount of poise for this gig, and there's a breathy cool to her instrument that suits the music very well indeed.

But where Roya's guitar- and Farfisa-fueled melodies boast plenty of upbeat hooks, Jamalifard is clearly the girl too cool for school; it's easy to imagine her puffing on a cigarette at the school dance with the playful cynicism of someone who knows the score. At its best, Roya recalls a stripped-down and updated variation on Blondie's early work, as the band find an arty chic in the tone of their vintage low-rent guitars and keyboards, and cast a slyly doleful eye on the world around them. However, unlike Debbie Harry and co., Roya's approach is devoid of camp, and on tunes like "End Times," "Scum Rise," and "Dr. Death," Jamalifard shows off a punk rocker's desire to say something, even if her delivery is elegant and polished. The band's spare but muscular tone meshes just right with Jamalifard's vocal style, especially Jay Heiselmann's guitar, Tyler Love's keyboards, and Hamish Kilgour's drumming (the latter a former member of New Zealand heroes the Clean). Sometimes Roya comes off as just a bit too cool for its own good, but most of the time this is an impressive introduction to a band that's channeling the sound of one decade into the mood and attitudes of another. ~ AllMusic Review by Mark Deming

Track List:
1. The Lords Chirp (03:05)
2. Rich Kid (02:48)
3. A Sickness (03:05)
4. End Times (03:56)
5. Mailman (04:29)
6. Scum Rise (04:03)
7. Beautiful and Evil (03:21)
8. Allergic Reaction (02:46)
9. Dr. Death (03:37)
10. 1234 (02:35)
11. Mod with Feelings (02:24)

Download link:
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R. Stevie Moore - Afterlife (2019)
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+.cue, log) ~ 323.58 Mb | 50:46 | Scans included
Indie Rock | Label: Bar/None Records - BRN-CD-267
For most artists, re-recording material from their back catalog is a sure sign they've either run out of ideas or they're trying to generate new paychecks from old work. But even the most churlish observer would give R. Stevie Moore a pass on such things, since only a tiny cult has ever heard the majority of the voluminous body of home-brewed recordings he's been issuing at a steady stream since 1975. 2019's Afterlife finds Moore cutting new versions of 14 of his favorite compositions, though the liner notes stress that these performances were "(r)ecorded in the 21st century in real recording studios."

Moore was an early adopter of recording music at home using a makeshift studio, yet he's had enough experience in professional recording environments that they don't stifle his musical thinking. As a consequence, the tunes on Afterlife have much of the same playful, anything-goes pure-pop charm of Moore's endless supply of lo-fi home recordings, but with improved fidelity and production that makes the most of his gift for crafting delicious if slightly eccentric pop melodies. While six of these tracks were recorded with Moore handling all instruments and vocals, most feature him working with other musicians for a change, and if this gives the music a slightly different character, it doesn't dilute the essential spirit of his music, and lends the recordings a slightly more organic feel. And since very few people will be familiar with all (or even any) of this material, Afterlife actually serves as a dandy introduction to R. Stevie Moore's work, boasting a fistful of great tunes, plenty of cool guitar work, an abundance of humor and philosophy, and a singular take on rock and pop that's surprisingly accessible given Moore's eagerness to experiment and bend the rules. For longtime fans, Afterlife shows that R. Stevie Moore can clean up and play nice and still hold tight to the qualities that have made him a cult hero, and for beginners, this is a slightly refined but still accurate introduction to an artist who is some sort of national treasure. In short, who doesn't need this album in their collection? ~ AllMusic Review by Mark Deming

Track List:
01. Irony
02. Pop Music
03. Come My Way
04. The Winner
05. National Debate
06. What Do I Do with the Rest of My Life?
07. Too Old (To Fall in Love)
08. Take Back
09. Love Is the Way to My Heart
10. Another Day Slips Away
11. Here Comes Summer Again
12. Hurry Up
13. You Don't Have to Worry About My Love
14. Back in Time

Download link:
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VA - Rough Inna Town The Xterminator Sound (2002) {XterminatorMaximum Pressure} por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:27]

VA - Mojo Presents Let's Shake Hands - A Third Man Records Anthology (2019) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:25]

Re: Sweet - The Best Of Sweet (1992) por iursotsab
[Hoje às 12:24]

The Moody Blues - Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (1971) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:23]

The Collectors - The Collectors (1968) [Reissue 2004] por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:21]

Tara MacLean - Deeper (2019) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:19]

Syndicate Of Sound - Little Girl The History of The Syndicate Of Sound (1994) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:17]

Sweet - The Best Of Sweet (1992) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:15]

Stevie Wonder - Innervisions (1973) [MFSL, UDCD 554] por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:13]

Steve Winwood - Arc Of A Diver (1980) [MFSL, UDCD 579] por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:11]

Spotlights - Love & Decay (2019) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:09]

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - Sonny & Brownie (1973) [MFSL, UDCD 641] por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:07]

Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends (1968) [MFSL, UDCD 732] por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:04]

Sarah Brightman - The Very Best Of 1990-2000 (2001) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:02]

Roya - Roya (2017) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 12:00]

R. Stevie Moore - Afterlife (2019) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:58]

Pink Floyd - The Best Of Tour 72 (1990) {The Swingin' Pig} por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:42]

Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzmosis (1995) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:40]

Moullinex - Elsewhere (2015) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:38]

Mavis Staples - We Get By (2019) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:36]

Matthews Southern Comfort - Matthews Southern Comfort '69 + Second Spring '70 (1996) 2 LP in 1 CD por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:34]

Matthews Southern Comfort - Later That Same Year (1970) Expanded Reissue 2008 por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:31]

Mary Rodgers - To the Ghost of Mary Rodgers (2019) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:29]

Marco Ragni - Oceans Of Thought (2019) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:27]

Kiss - Love Gun (1977) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:25]

Kiss - Killers (1982) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:23]

Katharine McPhee - st (2007) {S19 RecordingsRCA} por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:21]

Justin Hopper - Chanctonbury Rings (2019) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:19]

James Brown - Soul Pride The Instrumentals 1960-1969 (2CD) (1993) {Polydor Chronicles} por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:17]

James Brown - Funk Power (1970 Brand New Thang) (1996) {Polydor Chronicles} por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:15]

Faust - Faust (1996) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:13]

Dirty Deep - Shotgun Wedding (2014) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:11]

Crust - Danglebury (2019) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:08]

Bror Gunnar Jansson - Bror Gunnar Jansson (2012) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:06]

V/A - As Grandes Marchas Populares, por henrike
[Hoje às 11:04]

Black Vulpine - Veil Nebula (2019) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:04]

Barbara Lewis - The Many Grooves Of Barbara Lewis (19702019) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:02]

Ann Sophie - Silver Into Gold (2015) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 11:00]

Andy Bey - Pages From An Imaginary Life (2014) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:58]

Andrew Hendryx - Deep River (2019) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:56]

10cc - The Early Years (1993) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:54]

Xilisoft Media Toolkit Deluxe & Ultimate Multilingual por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:31]

WordPress Advanced Custom Fields por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:30]

Daum PotPlayer 1.6.60528 + Portable por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:29]

UX The Evidence-Based Redesign por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:28]

Allegorithmic Substance Painter Retail v1.1.1.556 por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:26]

Useful Business 4 Manuscripts por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:26]

Re: Chico Ávila - Alma Lusa (2019) por couzing
[Hoje às 10:25]

AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK) 10.1.3 por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:24]

TypeScript for C# and .NET Developers por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:24]

Maxwell Render Build Win64 por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:22]

The Essential Android O Developer Course (Java) por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:22]

Wolfram Mathematica v10.1.0 por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:20]

The Complete AutoCAD 2007-2020 Course por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:20]

MakeMusic Finale 2014d Build 2014.4.5030 (Mac OSX) por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:18]

SQL Server 2014 Management Studio por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:18]

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2015 Premium Final Incl. Cra por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:16]

Scrum in 60 minutes! Agile Scrum from zero to Professional Scrum Master por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:16]

MAGIX Samplitude Pro X / Pro X Suite por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:14]

Python OOPS Tutorial - Object Oriented Programming using Python 3 por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:14]

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 Build 11G63 InstallESD por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:12]

Probability for beginners Mathematics & Statistics por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:12]

Nik Software Complete Collection By Google v1.207 (Mac OSX) por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:10]

Practical Vue Components por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:09]

Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 [Installation USB Flash Drive] por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:08]

Personal Productivity Master Class por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:07]

Mac OSX Lion 10.7.5 Build 11G45 Delta Update por rollroy
[Hoje às 10:06]

Mr. K's Grammar World Gerunds and Infinitives as Objects por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:05]

Mobile Testing with Appium por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:03]

Mastering AWS Security por mitsumi
[Hoje às 10:01]

Managing Data Security and Policy in Microsoft Azure por mitsumi
[Hoje às 09:59]

Lighting - Natural, Constant, and Strobe por mitsumi
[Hoje às 09:57]

Katalon Studio - Step by Step for Beginners por mitsumi
[Hoje às 09:55]

Intro To Adobe Color, Spark, & Photoshop Express Editor por mitsumi
[Hoje às 09:53]

Hands-On SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters with Spark por mitsumi
[Hoje às 09:51]

Georgy Chernyadyev Post Processing Video 60 por mitsumi
[Hoje às 09:49]